Thursday, September 15, 2005

Serious analysis

'A real nightmare': a long analysis by Peter Bergen in Prospect magazine of 'The Power of Nightmares' (now free to view). A version of the article also appeared in The Nation.
Wolfowitz, at least until the 9/11 attacks, would have agreed with Curtis's assessment that the threat posed by al Qaeda was a "fantasy." The leading neoconservative in the administration did not seek to inflate the al Qaeda threat but rather failed to appreciate its significance—until it was too late.  
On the same subject,  a few weeks ago I came across this, a transcript of the programme. It's source may be here. It appears to be done by someone who believes the 'Nightmares' is gospel - 'It’s that important' - but I have no reason to doubt its accuracy, or at least its good faith. Compare this post of mine, for example.

Via France Inter, there is a feature on the two contenders for Chirac's succession in the New Yorker ...(either I misheard it or it's not yet on there website. Sarkozy is described as 'a failed American', but I can't remember what they said about de Villepin...

From my 'Referring Web Pages': Eye Of The Storm. Quite interesting from a quick glance...

Comments here: An Attack on One Is an Attack on All


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