Monday, November 28, 2005


If you want to read one article from the New Statesman, try this - Denis MacShane with Observations on censorship:
Imagine Ian McEwan or Julian Barnes being put on trial for saying that writers should discuss the one million Indians who died in 1944 and the many thousands of Irish who died in the 19th century because of British policy. That is what Turkey is doing to its greatest living novelist, Orhan Pamuk[...]
Oh sh.., I've got a question about Tariq Ramadan to answer there...

'The culture of secrecy in Turkmenistan that means even outbreaks of TB and Plague go unreported.'  Part of this report can be heard at the start of 'Pick of the world. The 'Assignment' web page did not seem to have it. 

Elinor Goodman keeps her hand in with The Week in Westminster. If you really want to, you can hear Ken Clarke on Iraq (about 20 minutes in): the worst foreign policy decision since the second world war, apparently. (Cf. Peter Oborne, in a trailer endlessly repeated on  Channel 4 last week, saying it was the biggest mistake since Munich.)

What was in The Sunday Times (20 Nov) ? Jon Snow said that it had extensive coverage of the ´Bush wanted to bomb al-Jazeera´ leaked memo and that he would have been sent to jail if he had read it out on Channel 4 News, but this was the most anybody could come up with on their forum.


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