Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Young Angry and Muslim

I don't really feel like doing a 'proper' post on this.  There are some comments on the Dispatches programme here. Navid Akhtar has also written an article in The Guardian.

He is right to say that the British government announced it was planning to proscribe Hizb ut Tahrir, without giving any reasons. I checked it out on the Downing Street website. However, the reasons for doing so are fairly obvious: they argue for the restoration of the caliphate; i.e. they have the same ideology of al Qaeda, although (they say) they don't approve of terror bombs (at least in London).

I must make it clear, though, that I don't think the case for banning Hizb ut Tahrir is very strong.

Nick Cohen has also written an article about Hizb ut Tahrir - 'When Harriet met Hizb'.  Comments can be found here. His weblog is like Harrys's Place 18 months ago, a bit like those clubs where those who know go, before they get too popular, not that I've ever gone to those sort of clubs.


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