Saturday, October 14, 2006


The murder of Anna Politkovskaya, North Korea's nuclear test... it's been a depressing week and just a little overwhelming.

Well, I'll start by pointing to a couple of small updates I've made to previous posts: on Iran and North Korea; on Iran. I referenced one of Anna Politkovskaya's article in a post some time back.

At least the aggregation of the Euston Manifesto bloggers seems to be working again. On an even more trivial level, my 'Number of visitors (since ...)' seems to keep getting reset. I will update the template when I get around to it.

'Was the Berlin Wall a good thing for the world?' asks the Today programme. Timothy Garton-Ash quotes Douglas Hurd as saying, 'you know, this was a situation we lived with quite happily for 40 years...' From what I remember, people in West Germany were not happy with the situation at the time.


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