Wednesday, November 15, 2006

No WMDs, no revelation

In the magazine included with the FT of November 11/12 2006, Stephen Graubard's Books essay 'Occupational hazards' (published on the website November 3 2006) states:
The most interesting revelations relate to Saddam Hussein, who in December 2002 informed his Revolutionary Command Council, Ba’ath party aides and top military commanders that Iraq possessed no weapons of mass destruction - a surprise for many of them.
Hardly a revelation. This was substantially reported in the Final Report of the Iraq Survey Group (published 30 Sep 2004):
Saddam surprised his generals when he informed them he had no WMD in December 2002 because his boasting had led many to believe Iraq had some hidden capability...
See also David_Aaronovitch in March this year:
just last week The New York Times reported that Iraqi generals were “stunned” when they were told shortly before the invasion that the chemical and biological weapons upon which they were depending to fight the invaders did not exist.
True, it is something that is not often noted, since it runs contrary to the thesis that 'Bush is a liar'.


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