Tuesday, January 10, 2006

The blog's year

Just to finish off the review of 2005: some of the more technical things. Although this blog started in September 2004, it was mid-February before I added a 'Number of visitors' counter. I was on the blogroll on Chris Brooke's site, The Virtual Stoa, quite early.

'Referring Web Pages' (at the bottom) was a straight steal from Eric the unread and Drink soaked trots for war. I must say I've never seen too many visitors from being on this at other sites.

In May, there was a big upsurge in hits. I'm not too sure where these were from. I discovered some time later that a remark I made, on (the probable lack of) a referendum on the voting system for Westminster, was picked up by siaw, but they linked not to this blog, but to my comment on The Virtual Stoa.

In July, I did the translation into French of the 'Unite Against Terror'  statement: this has been a steady, if not massive, source of traffic. 

Norman Geras does not have comments on his weblog, but he always responds to the emails I send him from time to time. In August, he put me on his blogroll.

I do occasionally get interesting comments, like the one from Anonymous here, but mostly they are spam. After I turned on 'word verification', I got another unexplained increase in visits in mid-November, which I thought might be an attempt to 'break the code'. After that, the comments stopped completely.

Towards the end of November, there seemed to be a problem with truefresco's Referrers code, so I looked around and found Extreme Tracking (see the icon at the bottom of the page). This is an extremely useful free tool.

I don't include many pictures in my blog, but when I do, like the one of Ahmedinejad, they get quite a few hits, via Google Images.

PS: Virtual Stoa seems to have dropped me off his blogroll. However, a fairly offhand  comment brought a number of visits.


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