Friday, November 24, 2006

The murder of Pierre Gemayel

A special programme on Europe 1 the following day (22 Nov).
Pro-Syrian forces, like Hezbollah, would like to bring down the Lebanese government (they only need to assassinate two more cabinet ministers to achieve this), so that they can prevent it voting to pursue Syria in the Hariri investigation.

But why would they have carried out the murder the day after Syria re-established diplomatic relations with Iraq? Is it not more likely that pro-Iranian forces are behind it, asked another commentator. Iran, after all, would look unfavourably (with a mauvais œil) on those very efforts to "engage" on Iraq, with the US, which would leave it isolated.

No, came back the reply, Syria's interest in Lebanon, blocking the Hariri investigation, takes precedence over everything.

Josh Landis at was not blogging when I looked. However, commenters have posted  Michael Young’s article in the Wall Street Journal and the article in the FT by Roula Khalaf  et al.


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