Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The Left in Britain

Lest we forget, car production at the Peugeot plant at Ryton, near Coventry, ended this week. Of course, there was a fair amount of publicity at the time of the closure announcement in April (*), not so much now. It's not a programme I normally watch, but I did catch BBC Midlands Today last week (6 Dec). Fairly upbeat piece about someone moving on to run a hotel in Scotland. A more gloomy view can be found on this blog.

Do you remember this: 'Unions launch one million pound boycott against Peugeot'? It turned out to have little impact.

If union activity is so ineffective and an effective industrial policy from the state is barely on the agenda, what is the British Left about?

Some clues can be gathered from a BBC discussion, 'What is Left? What is Right?' Although this was broadcast in May, it should still be possible to listen to it. There you will hear that people like Claire Fox believe it is possible to create some sort of haven of workers' control in the public services - health, education and so on.

* See also my previous post and comments here and here.


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